On this website, you can find information about the Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity at Salisbury University. The current Kappa Delta chapter of Pi Lambda Phi has recently been re-founded in 2010 and consists of 32 active brothers as well as 25 alumni brothers.

Here you can find information about our fraternity including its history and values. You can meet all of the gentlemen of our fraternity as well as the alumni. Check out the Gallery section to see pictures from past events and fundraisers. Updates and details on events will be constantly posted for upcoming events. If you wish to learn more information about our organization feel free to contact us via email, Facebook, or Twitter using the Contact section.

“Not Four Years, But A Lifetime”


  • We have an interest meeting on September 2nd and 4th at 7pm in TETC 184
  • We are hosting a Drug & Alcohol Awareness program on Wednesday September 3rd from 3-5pm in front of Maggs Gym

Please take a look at our new alumni newsletter for the month of November

The Pi Lambda Phlyer

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